Richards IP Services LLC specializes in providing solutions to clients large and small in the energy industry.  Our clients range from fortune 500 energy companies to the law firms providing them with patent, trademark, and litigation services.

Mark Richards is a mechanical engineer with over 20 years of design experience with energy service companies and has extensive experience with patents and prior art.  His design experience includes all parts of the well bore from the tree and well head down to the float shoe at the toe of the well.  Mark has always taken a keen interest in the history of oil field equipment and innovations.

Richards IP Services LLC has an extensive Library of prior art publications that include 3 decades of composite catalogs, a large collection of catalogs and brochures collected from OTC in the 90s through 2009.  The extensive catalog collection includes Baker Oil Tools, Camco, BJ Services, Otis, Weatherford, PES, Brown Oil Tools, TIW, and numerous small companies.

For a sampling of the broad range of experience and inventions take a look at the biography page.