Litigation Support

You know there is prior art.

Without a doubt… there is prior art for your subject matter.  Even for the most astoundingly genius inventions to appear on the market… there is prior art.

Why? The Cycle. The Crew change. That special project.

Innovation runs in a cycle.  New Products will reappear 7 years after you first heard the idea.  This happens because people can see the potential, but technology (i.e. cost effective application) is not available.  And then (What-do-you-know!) 7 years later technology catches up and someone new has this great idea that you swear you have heard before.

The crew change is here.  Experience people in service companies are moving to operators, smaller companies, out of the industry, or into retirement.  Service companies are doing the majority of the R&D work with overworked managers and a design staff with less than 10 years of experience.  Everyone has a deadline.  No one has the time to learn the history of the product line they are working in so every idea they have is “new”.

That special project that was completed to provide for a customer’s special need fifteen years ago has suddenly appeared in another company’s patent portfolio.  Your company didn’t see the need to disclose or patent that special project because it would NEVER become part of the product line.  Now it seems the whole industry is slowly moving that way.    

You need to invalidate a Patent.

My experience allows me to perform a historical search of Patent Database, my library of brochures, composite catalogs, and trade journals based on my experience as an inventor.  I know where to look.     

  • Do you want to find prior art to support your client?
  • Do you want to know what opposing counsel may turn up?
  • Do you want to find similar ideas in other industries?