Prior Art Searches

A Prior Art search should be completed at a minimum before an application is written to be sure the novelty of the invention is covered.  In large projects, a prior art search should be performed at the beginning, at the design complete milestone, and at the end to capture the invention and the improvements.  Product line management may elect to file more than one application.

Before the start of a project or tender: 

A prior art search will help determine the competitive landscape, alert you of any areas for a potential design around, and help focus the new design towards novelty.

At the design milestone:

A prior art search should then be performed on HOW the invention works.  The idea may be novel, but the enablement may stray onto a competitor’s patent portfolio.

At the end of the project:

Have all of the configurations been covered?  Marketing or another product line may identify additional features that could be added to enhance the functionality.

Let me give you three compelling reasons to use Richards IP Services:

Yes you can get a good keyword patent search from another search firm or law firm, however there is no substitute for my product knowledge.  You will receive a search based on product knowledge.  The search will include products and services in similar product lines.

I search from the view point of an inventor.  My experience with developing ideas and writing patent disclosures enables me to focus my search in a unique way.

Extensive library of published catalogs and brochures from OTC and SPE conferences: